The Weirdest Items Found in Stadiums

Sports stadiums are a hub of passion as fans come together to support their teams. This can result in some very emotional behaviour. It can also mean a number of society’s stranger characters congregating in the same place. A side effect of this can be some very bizarre items being left for others to discover in the stadiums.

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Here’s a selection of some of the weirdest and most entertaining lost property.

A Scooter

An image of Inter Milan fans stealing the scooter of an oposition player
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Yes, you’re going to a football match between Serie A rivals Inter Milan and Atalanta in 2001. Emotions are running high. Fans are keen to do whatever they can to get inside the opposition’s head.

Well, one Inter fan decided it would make sense to steal a scooter belonging to an Atalanta player.

The fan then casually took the scooter into the stadium, attempted to set it on fire, and, when this failed, proceeded to dump it onto the lower tier and just walk off leaving it for the stadium staff to recover.

Bet their parents are proud!

At the end of the heated game, fans from both sides became embroiled in an all-out brawl. Things reached another level of intensity when one player for America got involved, after sitting in his team’s dressing room after a red card and hearing the fight kick off.

An image of the Estadio Azteca stadium
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The outrageous turned into the surreal when one supporter somehow got their hands on a wheel barrow. It’s uncertain what they planned to do with the wheel barrow. Using it as a weapon would have been borderline insane.

The reality was that they simply dumped the wheel barrow onto the pitch and left it there. At least the Estadio Azteca groundsman gained something out of the notorious fracas.

Plastic Rats

An image of the plastic rats that were thrown at Scott Mellanby during an NHL game
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Florida Panthers Scott Mellanby became a man of legend during the 1995/96 NHL season.

During one game, it was rumoured that Mellanby had killed a rogue rat that had entered his team’s dressing room with one puck shot.

At the time, he had already scored two goals in the game. Panthers goaltender John Vanbiesbrouck dubbed the killing of the rat as a “rat trick”.

To celebrate the moment, Panthers fans decided to bring plastic rats to a play-off game. When the first Panthers goal went in, the ice was pelted with thousands of plastic rats.

As a result, disowned plastic rats were found all over the Fleet Center by staff over the following days.

Pig Head

An image of the pig's head that was thrown at Luis Figo
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One of the most infamous moments of a fan ‘losing’ an item in a stadium came in El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid in 2002.

Real Madrid attacker Luis Figo had made the controversial switch from Barcelona in the summer of 2000. In one visit to the Nou Camp, home of Barcelona, one fan in the home end threw a pig’s head onto the pitch.

It was an iconic moment that captured the intense rivalry between the two La Liga clubs. The owner  freebet indonesiaof the pig’s head has never been found and is still at large.

A Shark

An image of a sand tiger shark
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You have read that correctly. Somebody, somehow, not only came up with the ingenious idea of taking a shark to an NHL ice hockey game. That’s crazy enough. However, they also somehow managed to slip it past security and find the opportunity to throw it over the screening and onto the ice.

Don’t worry. It’s not anything sinister. We are not talking Jaws here. It was a small shark. Like a large trout.

In fact, it was a supporter for the San Jose Sharks who was responsible for the prank.

It appears they were trying to get something unique and special that would relate to their team name. Well, it didn’t really work. The shark just lay there… on the ice… deceased.

Cleaners eventually dealt with it but it’s far from the first thing you would expect to see launched from the crowd.


An image of Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs
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“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, that’s the well-known proverb made famous by author Dale Carnegie in his book published in 1948. That is all very well and good but what do you do when it is sports fans in their thousands throwing lemons at you in a stadium?

In the 1920s, Chicago Cubs fans would often pelt infielder Rogers Hornsby with lemons. It was a fad initially started by New York Yankees fans who would toss the lemons at the legendary Babe Ruth.

It has never really been identified why the fans do this. It appears to be an act of endearment. Maybe it is a sacrificial offering of citrus fruits? Maybe they just want the players to top up on their vitamin C? Why lemons and not bananas, or oranges, or apples?

Who knows. It leaves a big mess for the stadium staff to clean up though.

Teddy Bears

An image of the 14,361 teddy bears thrown onto the ice
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The Great Teddy Bear Toss is an annual event that a large number of sports teams now participate in. The idea behind it is that fans bring a teddy bear that will be donated to a child in need over Christmas.

In the 2006/07 season, ice hockey team Portland Winterhawks witnessed their fans take it to the next level. A total of 14,361 teddy bears were tossed onto the ice during one game.

That means some poor arena staff member actually went around, picked them all up, and counted them all. Well, it was probably more than one staff member but still.

Nevertheless, that is still not a world record. That was achieved in 2016 when almost 24,000 teddy bears were thrown onto the ice at a Calgary Hitmen ice hockey match against the Lethbridge Hurricances at the Scotiabank Saddledome.

What a mess… at least it was all for a good cause.


Best Luxury Sports Boxes: Top VIP Boxes At Sports Venues

Metlife Stadium (
Metlife Stadium (

Sport is always looking for new ways to offer fans and supporters a more awe-inspiring experience to watch their favorite team, and the evolution of VIP sport boxes has played a key role in allowing teams to offer that. Here are the top 5 luxury sport boxes in the US.

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MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey

The first luxury sports box on this list can be found at the MetLife Stadium that was built recently in 2010. It is the home to two NFL franchises in the form of the New York Giants and the New York Jets. The stadium itself has hosted a range of global events including Super Bowl XLVIII, Wrestlemania 29, and a number of friendly soccer matches consisting of teams such as USA, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.

The luxury sports box suites at this stadium were designed by the renowned American architect David Rockwell and each suite can hold up to 30 guests. They are located over four levels meaning that a number of views can be purchased. Hiring the boxes also comes with a private entrance to the stadium, VIP parking, a private lobby area, HD TVs, wet bars, and personal refridgerators.

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri

The Arrowhead Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium that is the home of NFL franchise Kansas City Chiefs. It was opened in 1972, but underwent a renovation in 2010 at a cost of $375 million. On September 29th, 2014, the stadium was the setting for an official Guinness World Record for the loudest stadium when the crowd noise reached 142.2 decibels for the Kansas City Chiefs versus New England Patriots game.

Now the luxury sports box here that attracts our attention is under the ownership of the actual owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, Clark Hunt. However, we had to include it for the simple reason that it is a mansion within the stadium. It is three storeys tall and comes with six bedrooms. It even has an American football-themed stained glass window. Think it goes without saying that Hunt is truly living every sports fan’s dream.

Memorial Stadium, Berkeley, California

Memorial Stadium (Source:
Memorial Stadium (Source:

This next stadium might not be one of the most well-known stadiums in the world, but it certainly knows how to deliver a luxury sports box. The Memorial Stadium in California is an outdoor American football stadium that is located on the campus of the University of California. The University of California Golden Bears use it as their home ground for their NCAA matches. The stadium initially opened back in 1923, but experienced a renovation in 2012. The stadium has seen the likes of football clubs Real Madrid and Inter Milan play friendly games there.

The luxury sports box at this stadium offers a more multi-purpose use with the university offering them up as a potential wedding venue as well as being available to hire for sports fans who want to watch the game in style. It comes in the form of the new HNTB-designed media box that not only gives amazing views inside the stadium, yet unparalleled vistas over the San Francisco Bay area outside the stadium. It offers a penthouse that boasts floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a glass deck balcony that provide the stunning views over the bay.

Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey

Prudential Center (Source:
Prudential Center (Source:

The home of the NHL franchise, the New Jersey Devils, is next on the list with the Prudential Center that was built in 2007. It also acts as a home for NCAA sides Seton Hall Pirates and NJIT Highlanders, as well as the EHL team New Jersey Rockets. The stadium has also hosted a range of other events including a Rolling Stones concert, UFC events, WWE’s 2009 Hell in a Cell Pay-per-View, and Super Bowl XLVIII media day.

The Infiniti Luxury Suites at the stadium cater for both corporate hospitality and private functions with equal levels of sophistication and class. Luxury seating, private bar and catering, VIP parking, invitations to private and premium members-only events, and corporate membership are all on offer with the stadium being widely considered as offering the best VIP customer service in US sports.

Chase Field, Phoenix, Arizona

Chase Field (Source:
Chase Field (Source:

The final entry on this list is one that stands out for a particular reason. Chase Field is a 48,519 capacity baseball stadium that is the home of MLB franchise Arizona Diamondbacks and the NCAA side Cactus Bowl. The stadium was opened fairly recently in 1998 and was the first ever US-based stadium to be built with a retractable roof over a natural grass surface.

However, the stand-out aspect of this stadium is the swimming pool that can be found in right center field. It is available to hire at a cost of $3,500 per game and can hold up to 35 people. Those that hire the pool not only get to have their own baseball cap, towel, parking passes, catering, and concierge, but when a Diamondback player hits a home run, the guests will witness the water cannons fire streams of water 30 feet into the air. It is undoubtedly the most unique luxury sports box in the world.